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Productivity boosting keyboard shortcuts

Bekerja, Keluarga, Teman dan hanya sedikit waktu untuk Anda sendiri? Seringkali mustahil untuk bisa melakukan semua kegiatan Anda dalam 1 hari. Jika Anda ingin menghabiskan waktu lebih sedikit di depan Komputer/Laptop Anda, dan mendapatkan lebih banyak waktu untuk melakukan kegiatan yang lain, Cek informasi tips di bawah ini untuk menggunakan "Shortcut" pada keyboard notebook/pc Anda.

Windows of opportunity
Jika Anda sering melakukan pekerjaan menggunakan "Windows" yang di buka secara bersamaan, Anda menghemat banyak waktu dengan menggunakan kunci Shortcut.

1. To minimize a window to your toolbar, press ALT, SPACEBAR and N.
2. To maximize a window to your full screen, hit ALT, SPACEBAR, X.
3. To reduce the size of a window without hiding it, press ALT, SPACEBAR, R.
4. To close a window, hit ALT and F4.
5. To go to the last window you had open, simultaneously click ALT and TAB.
6. To select one window when you have several open, hold down ALT, and maneuver by clicking TAB to the window you want.

To speed up Excel

You can easily accelerate your spreadsheet skills with these handy tricks.
7. To move right to left, cell by cell, hit TAB.
8. To move up and down, cell by cell, press ENTER.
9. To delete data in a cell, use the BACKSPACE.
10. To enter a formula, press = (equals sign).
11. To enter a date, hit CTRL and ; (semicolon).
12. To enter a time, press CTRL and SHIFT and : (colon).
13. To do a quick spell check, press F7.
14. To change numbers to dollars, click CTRL, SHIFT and $.
15. To make figures a percentage, press CTRL, SHIFT and %.

Working with words

If you are using Microsoft® Word, check out these handy shortcuts:

16. To create a new document, click Ctrl and N.
17. To close a document, click Ctrl and W.
18. To preview what you are about to print, hit Alt, Ctrl and I.
19. To print a document, press Ctrl and P.

Faster folder and files

You can speed up your desktop driving with these tips.

20. Having trouble finding something on your desktop? Select any file, folder or desktop icon, then type the first letter of the item that you are looking for. The item will be highlighted. If there are several items starting with the same letter, keep clicking the letter until the one you are looking for is highlighted.
21. To rename a file or folder, simply click on it and press F2. You can now type in a new name.
22. To bring up the START menu, press CTRL and ESC.

Waktu lebih banyak untuk Anda

Semakin sering Anda menggunakan fitur "Shortcut" diatas, semakin cepat buat Anda meningkatkan produktivitas dan mengurangi waktu yang harus di habiskan di depan keyboard Anda sementara Anda dapat melakukan aktivitas lainnya.

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