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HP Expands ColorLok Paper Program

ColorLok paper quality standard recommended for HP LaserJet printers, Study Finds Paper Standard Helps Laser Printers Run Longer.

HP today announced the expansion of the ColorLok® paper standard with new benefits for commodity-grade office papers for laser printing and a broad recommendation that customers use ColorLok papers with HP LaserJet printers to ensure quality and reliability.

ColorLok papers represent a standard for improved printing for both laser and inkjet printers.
An independent, third-party study conducted by Buyers Laboratory Inc. (BLI) and commissioned by HP concludes that ColorLok quality standard papers can help maximize the life of laser printers – running up to nine times longer – compared to tested papers that do not meet the standard.

ColorLok papers helped protect critical laser engine parts and kept them clean on the inside, enabling the consistent, reliable performance and quality customers expect. The large-particle mineral filler papers included in the BLI analysis that do not meet the ColorLok quality standard are manufactured in Asia and distributed primarily in China and India. 

“HP LaserJet printers, Original HP toner cartridges and great-quality paper work together to deliver the best possible customer experience,” said Ron Coughlin, senior vice president, LaserJet and Enterprise Solutions, Imaging and Printing Group, HP. “ColorLok quality standard paper can add to that experience by helping consistently deliver professional prints and maximize a printer’s longevity, according to the BLI test results.”

HP has released a white paper titled “Laser Printer Performance and Reliability Degrades When Using Low-Quality Cutsheet Papers,” which details the trend of poor printing results from low-quality paper and its impact on businesses. Using ColorLok paper in laser printers can lead to four times fewer faults and more than four times fewer paper path obstructions that require user intervention, according to the BLI study.

“Our research indicated that compared to the abrasive, large-particle filler papers tested in the BLI study that do not meet the ColorLok quality standard, ColorLok papers can help keep laser printers delivering professional print quality nearly three times longer”

Papers that use the ColorLok logo must pass a precise set of standards for print quality, as well as physical and electrostatic standards for quality and reliability. Criteria for meeting the ColorLok performance standards include improved image quality, dry time and printer performance. Paper companies may use different means and technologies to meet or exceed that performance.

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